Top tips to keep your car’s engine perfect

The engine is the heart of our car. This is where everything begins and develops, so caring for it is vital for the proper functioning of our vehicle. We have put together a good list of tips that go down this road. There are some easy to perform tips that substantially change the engine’s operation. From Autocosmos we echo this, so here we leave these things that can optimize the responses of your car. Click here for gmc trucks.

 Observe the spark plugs and their wires

 This is essential for the correct conduct of electricity. If you see a cable in poor condition, damaged or peeled, the engine may malfunction or not start directly. In this case, it is best to change the damaged cables.Visit this site for gmc trucks.

Pay  special attention to the dash lights

A common flaw in many cars can be detected because the light stays on check engine, which requires immediate consultation with the mechanic to fix the problem. Equally important are the oil pressure lights and of course the water temperature. If we do not take a look at it, it can have a negative impact on our vehicle.

Do not procrastinate the refueling

Naphtha or diesel, no matter how refined, have sediments that settle to the bottom of the tank, and when it is almost empty, the engine sucks out these residues that cause internal damage.

Check that there are no leaks

You have to look at the floor where we park to be able to discover if there are spots of oil or coolant. If there are losses, they can be due to a hose or coupling that is old or loose, and therefore let filter these vital fluids for the operation of the engine.

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Check that the motor is properly ventilated

The air filter is the one that allows good ventilation and therefore adequate combustion. If it is new and in good condition, then it will be effective and will prevent insects, particles or dust from being retained. To avoid saturation of impurities and stop fulfilling its function, it is essential to clean it regularly.

Check liquids regularly

check the coolant container is vital to check that the level is appropriate. In the same way, it is also important to pay attention to the quality of the oil used and to maintain it at the indicated level. The frequent change of oil allows good lubrication and prevents the motor from overheating and wear.

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