October 15, 2019

Best tips to survive longer in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a fast-paced Battle Royale game that took the battle royale genre of gaming by storm after it was launched in February. A lot of players are enjoying it, while a lot are frustrated to it because of its complex skills and characters that need a lot of time to master which often end up having a bad gaming session for many especially those who just started playing the game.

game of Apex Legends

If you want to survive early in the game of Apex Legends, Read this guide from https://games04.com/apex-legends-coins-hack-or-maybe-something-more/ that will give you some great combat tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you become a better player and have a longer time to be alive early on during the match.

  1. Take advantage of the game’s signal system- Using the signal to initiate the combat when the enemy is located, is best to share their exact location to your entire squad first before all of you jump straight into battle, do not instantly shoot as this can inform your opponent and the rest of your enemies to locate your spots and also your team which jeopardizes your position to cover you especially if your apex legends hack is deactivated.
  2. Send out signals even during the battle- Signals can be used even in the middle of a raging battle and shootout. By utilizing the signal system to share the enemy locations and the direction where they are heading, this will help your team to come up with a better strategy and display outstanding teamwork especially when you are a scout who had a good recon to your enemies plus an apex legends cheats to help you.
  3. Use the signal even when you are down- When you are badly hurt and need recovery, this does not mean that you have to remain idle and become your team’s liability, instead, help them by signaling the exact spot of the enemies instead of asking them to revive you right away. You can inform your team about the enemy’s whereabouts so they can hunt them down and can peacefully revive you without getting sprayed with bullets and grenades from the enemies.
  4. Do not be afraid to use your Legend’s abilities and ultimate- Apex Legends characters’ skills and abilities have certain cooldown times where players tend to reserve them, only to realize that it is completely late that they should have used them earlier during the game. It is best to use an ability to fight and survive especially when you use apex legends aimbot than to regret not being able to use all of them at all.
  5. For rookie players, you have to remember the abilities first- It is highly recommended for rookie players of Apex Legends to keep thinking of using their ultimate ability the moment they had clashed with their enemy face to face and to use other abilities while you are under enemy fire.
  6. Use tactical abilities as much as you can- Tactical abilities compared to special abilities and ultimate ability have a shorter cooldown time so you can use it more frequently compared to the latter during the fight so it is best to exploit it during battle especially that each have unique skill and ability sets that have various advantages over one another.
  7. Use ultimate ability per match- Ultimate abilities have a longer cooldown time compared to the other abilities of each Legends, however, they can be reused within three to five minutes during the game, so it is fine to use an ultimate ability once per match if it is for the best of your squad like sharing your apex legends coins hack to them so that they can earn apex legends free coins. If you are able to survive longer, you can use it twice or more than it.
  8. LifeLine’s ultimate is not for offensive- Using Lifeline’s ultimate is completely useless if you activate it during clashes. So you better use it during retreating or covering your teammates while reviving a fallen teammate so it is better to use apex legends hack tool by using an apex legends hack apk.
  9. Be aware of team number in fights- If you are going into battle it is best to have all three players that focus fire on your enemies especially when one is knocked down. It is very easy to overpower the team that has lesser players during the fight, so you have to keep in mind to also prevent getting overpowered in battle so you better signal all your teammates if you are planning to clash your enemies.
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