Learn How You Can Make Your Employees Feel Valued With Personalized Gifts and Awards

Most companies recognize their employees’ accomplishments in some way – through annual bonuses, one-on-one conversations, or a simple pat on the back. It is because they know the benefits of recognition and acknowledgment: increased productivity, better morale, innovation, and collaboration. And all these conclusively lead to more sales and company success. However, these companies still miss an essential piece of the puzzle.

Recognition needs to be thoughtful and personal to drive the best possible performance. The most effective way to appreciate your employees is by giving them personalized gifts and awards combined with: your knowledge of your employees, a detailed description of their accomplishments, and your recognition of the benefit to the entire company. So, how can you combine all of these factors to get the most from your personalized employee gifts and awards and make an impression on your employees?

  • Your Knowledge of the Employee

Giving customized or personalized employee appreciation gifts and awards will show that you acknowledge your employee as an individual. It will mean that you know his or her likes and dislikes on a personal level– the books and movies they like, or their hobbies and pastimes. Knowing your employees on this level will make recognition much more meaningful and significant. Also, you should know how they want to receive recognition– ask them! Perhaps they prefer private recognition over a public ceremony or would rather want peer recognition than having the CEO create an announcement.

Learn How You Can Make Your Employees Feel Valued With Personalized Gifts and Awards

  • A Detailed Description of the Accomplishment

Personalized gifts and awards for employees boost morale, especially when they are specific to their accomplishments. Therefore, don’t just write their names, and that’s it. Have the particular achievement inscribed, whether it’s a list of traits or a specific title.

  • Recognizing the Benefit to the Company

It would be best if you also were specific about how the employee or employees helped the company. Did he or she help grow company sales, improve company culture, initiate teamwork, or find new efficiencies? These don’t necessarily have to be inscribed on the personalized employee gift, but make sure that you mention it verbally when presenting it. To recognize the benefit to the company will show precisely why the employee is valued, making the award even more special and personal.

The Best Personalized Gifts and Awards for Employees

Personalized tumblers, coffee mugs, logo t-shirts, jackets, pens, or notebooks are some company items that you can give out to clients and to employees as tokens of appreciation. But the following examples of personalized employee appreciation gifts and awards can bring recognition to another level.


Trophies can be customized or personalized in many ways. You can select a design that the employee will appreciate and add an inscription to make it even more meaningful and personal. There are also trophies that suit different characters and occasions. They can be in the symbol of a statue, globe, animal, and more; and can be made of different kinds of materials.


The principal benefit of plaques is that they offer more space for a thoughtful inscription. You can consider writing more than a name and an achievement in a more expressive and touching way. You can be very specific about the employee’s accomplishment and how it benefited the whole company.

Vases, Bowls, and Crystals

Vases, Bowls, and Crystals are another personalized employee appreciation gifts that will show you really know the individual. Engraved ones create an ideal keepsake for an employee as they show elegance and craftsmanship. For more gifts and award ideas, visit societyawards.com.

It is ideal for every company or business to award its employees as it shows the workers or employees that they are valued and appreciated for their hard work. Such positive treatment consequently results in higher productivity ratings.

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