What is an advertising spot and what types are there?

The advertising spot is one of the most effective resources to publicize a specific brand or product and to convince and stimulate the desire of the audience to which it is directed towards a certain objective. But it is also one of those that have a higher price, so they tend to be brief. Usually they do not last more than a minute. And there are few companies that have a budget large enough to pay for extensive advertisements on channels recognized and prime time.


They are the announcements in which a presenter talks about the advantages of a certain product. With which, the strength of the spot resides in him, in what he says and in the way he says it.


The most effective https://education.microsoft.com/Story/Lesson?token=h40VF  are those in which the clients of the brand preach the virtues of the product. They can be industry experts, famous people or ordinary people. A true reflection of this are the advertisements of television sales.

industry experts


In this type of advertising spot an actor talks about the advantages of the product within a situation of daily life.


It is an ad as a story, but shorter than a movie and can be as much humor as fear or suspense. In them, the product appears naturally within the story.


It is probably one of the oldest. First a problem arises for the viewer to subsequently offer a solution through the product that is advertised.

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These ads try to convince the viewer of the advantages of the product by showing him the reasons why he should buy it. Sales thanks to this type of advertising spot are usually above average.

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